Marshall's Camera

Auburndale, Florida

Beginning Digital SLR Photography - Class One

A. Basic Camera Operation

    1. Taking the picture in Automatic Mode (Non Flash)

    2. Reviewing the picture, magnification, thumbnails

    3. Deleting the pictue

    4. Using the built-in flash

B. Lens - Diaphragm, aperture, f/number or f/stop, setting the aperture on your camera (Av)

C. Shutter speed values, setting the shutter speed on your camera (Tv or S)

D. Changing the aperture or shutter speed independently (M), reciprocity, EV numbers

E. ISO (sensitivity) values, setting the ISO on your camera

F. Evaluating exposure using histogram, use of 18% gray card, brightness range limitations

G. Use of different meter modes on your camera

H. Operation Modes (Review)

    1. Green mode, Program mode

    2. Av or Aperture Priority mode

    3. Tv or Shutter Priority mode

    4. Fully Manual mode