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This is the InterFit Home Studio Light Kit in its carry box.
The box contains: two 150 WattSecond Monolights,
two light stands, one umbrella, and one softbox.
Click on picture at left to enlarge.
Kit price as shown is $359 plus tax.
Here is one of the Monolights on the supplied light stand with
the supplied white umbrella. Notice that the umbrella stem goes
through a hole in the reflector and then is held by a friction
spring in the hole located at the base of the Monolight.
The umbrella also can be locked in place with a thumbscrew.
Gold, Silver, and other types of umbrellas can be used.
Click on picture at left to enlarge.
The back of the Monolight displays the operational controls and ports.
Click on the picture at left to see enlargement and more discussion.
This is the very brief instruction sheet that comes with the kit.
Click on the picture at left to see an enlargement.