When film was the only choice available people did not have to worry about spots appearing on the same place in each
photograph. A fresh film surface was used for each picture taken. In contrast the same sensor surface is used each time
a digital picture is taken. Dust or any other particle that is present on the sensor surface will show up as a corresponding
spot on each picture taken. Digital cameras with interchangeable lenses often have this problem. Most new digital single
lens reflex cameras have dust removal devices built in. However such removal is not always completely effective.

Even when spots are present they are not always apparent in your pictures. The following steps show how to check for spots.
Put your lens zoom to the highest number (most telephoto). Put your lens focus to manual setting. Put your lens focus to
to closest focus (smallest number). Place the camera control dial to aperture priority. Place the camera aperture to the
highest number. Place the camera ISO to 200. Point the camera at the clear sky or some featureless surface and take several
pictures. Now look at the pictures on your computer screen. If you find no spots in THE SAME PLACE then there is nothing
to worry about. If you do find spots then reset all your camera controls for normal picture taking and take more pictures
of everyday scenes. If the same spots are readily apparent in your normal shots then your sensor needs to be cleaned.

The sensor is actually covered by a protective multicoated glass cover and it is this surface that is to be cleaned. The
multicoating on this glass cover is very delicate and for this reason we are not going to give instructions on the proper
cleaning. However we do sensor cleaning at Marshall's Camera. Assuming that a technician is free the service takes
between fifteen and thirty minutes and many customers wait while this operation is done. After the procedure is done
the customer is shown before and after pictures of the sensor surface.

The cleaning charge for regular or DX sized sensors is $50.00. The cleaning charge for full frame or FX sized sensors is $75.00.