Basic Photo Lighting Course First Class

Marshall's Camera

Auburndale, Florida

Basic Photo Lighting Course - Class One

1. Photography with Direct Ambient Light

   A. Point Source versus Diffuse

   B. Identifying Light Sources in a scene - direction, size, coloration

   C. Average Scene Exposure - Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance

   D. Metering Reflected Light, Metering Incident Light

   E. Use of Histogram in Setting Proper Exposure

        a. Luminance Histogram, Color Histograms

   F. Non-Standard Lighting

        a. High Key, Low Key, Sun Rise, Sun Set

2. Photography with Modified Ambient Light

   A. Law of Reflection

   B. Reflective Surfaces - Specular, Matte, Silver, Gold, Black, White

   C. Use of Diffuser with Ambient Light

3. Photography with Artifical Lighting

   A. Review of Color Temperature

   B. Light Output - Inverse Square Law

   C. Light Production

       a. Heating, Electrical Discharge, Fluorescent, LED